29yo, female, Eurasian Singaporean

Speaks: English

"I find a holistic approach is best for any service and or teaching, in the 8yrs of being in the fitness, coaching and teaching industry there is never a time to stop learning - even for ourselves as coaches. Every single client is different."

CPR (renewed every 2yrs)


Swimming certs:

lifesaver 123 certified

Swimming Teachers Institute Certification

(JL, STA, STI, ASTCA) (AUS & SG recognised)

Joey Lingo - communication and behavioural understanding of children

Personal Fitness Training certs:

SPC Basic Exercise Certification

F.I.T Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

F.I.T personal fitness training HIIT

F.I.T pregnancy and post pregnancy clients

F.I.T clients with preexisting pain and injury/ back injuries


TSPP GDPC: in counselling and psychology (CBT, PP, SFBT)

​Precision Nutrition Coach Certification

(Habit and nutrition coaching)



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